Xbox One users face streaming issues with HD content

Shane McGlaun - Jan 2, 2014, 7:17am CST
Xbox One users face streaming issues with HD content

There are a lot of people who have their hands on the Xbox One game console despite early shortages of the console. In my local area, the availability for the console seems to be much better with Walmart and other retails having them sitting on the shelves. A report has surfaced that Xbox One users are having issues with streaming video.

According to the report, many users have taken to Twitter to complain that quality of streaming video on the Xbox One is poor. Users have reported that they are getting inconsistent streaming quality on the Xbox One with Amazon Video.

One user claims that he gets stable 1080p streaming from Amazon Video on the PS4, but the Xbox One offers sub-SD resolution. Other users are complaining that they are having issues with Netflix as well.

One report indicates that there is an issue with Netflix where the streaming service gets struck at 99% on some movies streamed on the Xbox One. Users have compared streaming between the PS4 and Xbox One and are saying the PS4 is smoother. Microsoft has offered no details on what might be causing video issues at this time. Read our review of the Xbox One for more details on the console.

SOURCE: Gaming Bolt

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