Xbox One Twitch update brings VOD

This week you'll find Twitch getting an upgrade on Xbox One. This upgrade will bring on Xbox Live's newest ability to bring real-time gameplay stats with broadcasts, search, and filters. You'll find game modes, maps, player skill, in-game activity, progress, and player stats available as search tens from this point forward. This update also brings Video On Demand to the Xbox One universe. With VOD, users will be able to see highlights and past broadcasts available whenever you want. This is the first app – other than the Twitch website itself – to bring this feature to the public.

This newest update is big for Xbox One Twitch users, especially those new to the Twitch streaming game. If you're especially awesome at one game or the other, for example, you'll be far easier to find on Twitch than you'd have been before. Before today, you'd have been clobbered out of sight by those users that've been playing on Twitch for many moons.

The entire home screen has been updated as well, bringing you a more "personalized" experience with features like pinning. Broadcasters are being given new profile page options as well.

Users are now able to follow games rather than just Twitch users, view far more advanced directories than in the past, and drop down into any Twitch users archives – provided they have them open to view.

This update is coming to Xbox One immediately – update at will!