Xbox One to bring button remapping to standard controller too

Adam Westlake - Oct 5, 2015, 5:40 am CDT
Xbox One to bring button remapping to standard controller too

When Microsoft announced the new Xbox One Elite controller back at E3, its biggest feature was just how customizable it is; not just with swappable analog sticks and the ability to edit their sensitivity, but with every button on the controller able to swapped to a user’s preference. While that button remapping is currently limited the Elite controller, which costs a steep $150, Microsoft has said that soon the Xbox One‘s software will be updated with compatibility for button editing on any controller.

The news from Mike Ybarra of Microsoft’s Xbox division, who replied to a question on Twitter about why gamers need to pay the $150 price tag for the feature when the PlayStation 4 has it standard. Ybarra said that button remapping would be coming for all Xbox One controllers soon. He didn’t specify a time, but in November seems likely, as that’s when the console will be updated with backwards compatibility for select Xbox 360 games.

Button mapping allows users to customize settings so that pressing the A button is recognized as pressing the X button, for example, or pressing B can replace pressing the right trigger button. Not only does this allow gamers to use the controller as they like when playing certain games, but it also helps those with physical impairments be able to reach certain buttons and play games that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

An update the PS4’s software earlier this year brought the same feature, and it quickly became requested among Xbox One players. Now gamers won’t need to worry about a lack of control customization options in games.

SOURCE Mike Ybarra/Twitter

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