Xbox One software update introduces 16-player chat, Xbox 360 game purchases

Much like how Sony has just released a new preview version of the PS4's system software to limited beta testers, Microsoft has also outlined the new features coming to the Xbox One in its next system update. Those who are a part of Microsoft's preview program can download it starting today, while a general release is expected in the next few weeks. Some of the main features to note include increased players in chat parties and easier access to purchase backwards compatible Xbox 360 games.

The Xbox One's Party Chat function has been given several new features. Parties can now include up to 16 players at once, an increase from the current 12, and chat audio can now be broadcast over both headsets and speakers, as opposed to limiting it to a headset when one is connected.

The increased limit on players in a party also goes for Windows 10's Xbox app as well. Those who stream on Twitch will also be happy to hear that the audio from their party chat can be included in their broadcasts.

The other big improvement is that backwards compatible Xbox 360 games are now more prominently listed in the store, making them easier to find and purchase. While the backwards compatibility was introduced last year, players could only really access games they'd already purchased on the Xbox 360.

Additional improvements in the system update include a handful of choices when it comes to choosing the length of DVR recordings for gameplay. Instead of limiting players to 30-second clips, they can now select 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes.

SOURCE Microsoft