Xbox One SmartGlass on Android, iOS get some screenshot love

Continuing its embrace of platforms other than its own, Microsoft has just revealed a new feature coming to Android and iOS users. No, it's not Cortana, at least not yet. This one is all about gamers. The already talented Xbox One SmartGlass app on the two rival platforms has just gotten more talented, now able to work with screenshots the same way Windows 10 users are able to, meaning they can now view, share, and even save Xbox One screenshots, right from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Feature parity across devices hasn't exactly been Microsoft's strongest suit. In fact, in some cases even it has shown favor on Android and/or iOS more than its own Windows Phone. But that is now bridge under the water as Windows 10's day looms closer. For now, Microsoft is making sure that its Xbox One mobile friends are up to snuff.

Apparently, these screenshot features have been one of the most voted requests from Xbox One gamers. After all, you don't sit in front of your Xbox One rig 24/7. There are times when you'll need to see those screenshots, either from yourself or from others, and save or share them with others as well. Now you can do just that in the SmartGlass app.

Before you get excited, however, there is one important caveat. The feature isn't available yet to everyone. For iOS users, the feature is only available for those who are already part of the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta program. It's a bit easier on Android since the beta version of the SmartGlass app is actually accessible to the public. When it will roll out to the rest of the world, Microsoft doesn't say.

SOURCE: Major Nelson