Xbox One shoppers can get a free Echo Dot from Amazon

Adam Westlake - Oct 13, 2018, 11:30 am CDT
Xbox One shoppers can get a free Echo Dot from Amazon

Many of you might remember when the Xbox One console first debuted, and how it came packaged with the Kinect accessory that enabled both motion camera and voice command features. It’s no secret the Kinect was widely hated, and now it’s dead and discontinued. But it seems Microsoft is still trying to make voice control a thing, as the latest Xbox One software update has added integration with Amazon’s Alexa. Now the online retailer is throwing in a free Echo Dot with an Xbox One console purchase.

While supplies last, the purchase of either the Xbox One S or the high-end Xbox One X from Amazon will qualify for a free Echo Dot. Even better is that the deal includes the latest, third-generation Echo Dot, which normally sells for $50. With the Xbox One’s new Alexa skills, gamers can turn on the console with the “Alexa, turn on Xbox” command, as well as a number of features, including launch specific games, take screenshots, and start and stop broadcasts to the Mixer service.

Of course, some of those basic actions could be done with voice commands for the Xbox Kinect, but the difference here is that the Echo Dot can perform a wide range of tasks that aren’t related to the game console. This means that even if buyers don’t plan on talking to their Xbox One via Alexa, the Echo Dot is still an amazing freebie.

Early buyers might notice that the new Echo Dot isn’t scheduled for release until October 18th, meaning there’s a chance some Xbox One buyers might receive theirs early. Amazon notes that this is not a guarantee, and is entirely based on location and inventory levels. Most likely, those taking advantage of the promotion will simply receive their Xbox One and Echo Dot in separate packages.


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