Xbox One July Update release this week

Chris Burns - Jul 8, 2014
Xbox One July Update release this week

There’s a new update for Xbox One coming your way this month, coming with snaps galore. One of relatively few updates coming this month is in snapping your achievements. This means that you can keep your achievements screen open while you game, watching them update in real time.

Snapped achievements are sorted by completed tasks and by achievements you’re about to complete. You can also sort the list how you like, setting the achievements you want to complete most up top, and the rest below. Each achievement now also has an option to “Search for achievement help.”

When you select this option, Xbox One “reaches out to the web” to find an answer with Bing. More often than not, you’ll be relying on YouTube videos and for answers.

Another update comes in the ability to open and close your snap screen with a double-tap. You can also choose voice control in German and English will be available with this update in New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria this update as well for the first time ever.

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