Xbox One Headset now reportedly bundled as Microsoft U-turns again

Chris Davies - Jul 4, 2013, 8:07am CDT
Xbox One Headset now reportedly bundled as Microsoft U-turns again

Microsoft’s Xbox One will now include a headset as part of the standard bundle, it’s reported, with the company apparently having another change of heart and opting to include the accessory after gamers voiced their dissatisfaction. The Xbox One Chat Headset had initially been billed as a separate purchase, but according to information from the official Microsoft distributor for the console, ElectronicTheatre reports, will now be thrown in the box too.

News of the changed standard package came from distributor Gem, which apparently notified retailers today. The company’s online listing for the Xbox One has not yet been updated to include the adjustment.

This 180-degree U-turn on Microsoft’s part is the latest change of heart the company has had around the Xbox One. Last month, Microsoft threw out its 24-hour-check-in requirement, after gamers were vocal in their disapproval of the system.

Originally, Microsoft had intended to force Xbox One owners to connect their consoles to the internet at least once every 24hrs, so that games could be checked against an online DRM system. That would allow for Microsoft to track license sales to authorized retailers but, also, enable features like family play, which would have allowed up to ten people to try a single copy of a purchased game.

Microsoft itself is yet to comment on the reported change in bundle, and it’s unclear if the adjustment to the Xbox One package will also apply to the US and other countries where the console is sold, or just to the UK.

The Xbox One Chat Headset is a wired mono headset which connects to the Xbox One’s wireless controller. It has mute and volume controls, as well as supporting digital wideband for better quality audio.

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