Xbox One boots in 17 seconds, among leaked revelations

The latest Xbox One revelations ahead of its official Nov. 22 release date come by way of Twitter user @Moonlightswami, whose early acquisition of a console was likely made possible through a mistake on the part of Target. Among @Moonlightswami's confirmed findings are a 17-second boot time, an initial 500MB software update, some very large game downloads in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and others. But he paid a price for sharing those findings via YouTube; more on that little drama later.

According to @Moonlightswami's tests, the Xbox One boots up from zero to Dashboard in 17 seconds flat. Right away, he had to download that mandatory software update we mentioned yesterday. It turns out the update is a whopping 500 MB.

Speaking of large file sizes, some of the games in the Xbox Live Marketplace were confirmed to range from 8 GB (FIFA) to 43 GB (NBA 2K14). (The drive capacity of the console is 500 GB.) Luckily, @Moonlightswami was able to confirm on-demand playability for games as soon as they are 50% downloaded.

Other features verified in the errant console include solid multitasking abilities, "Featured Challenges" designed to get you to play a lot, and extremely responsive Kinect voice commands. That lattermost feature works so well that a friend of @Moonlightswami was able to command the system remotely through a Skype call.

The Game DVD feature, which lets you capture snippets of gameplay as videos, is apparently just "alright" in quality, but it's unclear whether that is a software issue that can be patched remotely by Microsoft. Which brings us to the aforementioned drama. Shortly after @Moonlightswami posted YouTube videos of the Xbox One in action, Microsoft had the videos pulled and then remotely banned his console. The reasoning for the ban could be because the system just isn't quite ready two weeks before official launch, and Microsoft didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

Or it could be the Game DVR is just alright.

SOURCE: Engadget