Xbox One begins testing Clubs, LFG features for preview members

Members of Microsoft's Xbox One preview program have started receiving a test version of the console's October update, and it seems to focus on two main new features: Clubs, and Looking for Group (LFG). These are both essentially tools designed to bring fans of the same games together, as well as make it easier to find others who want to play the same multiplayer content in real-time.

Clubs are very similar to the PS4's Communities feature in that they are hubs anyone can create based on a certain game or style of play. For example, there can be general clubs for Halo 5 and Rocket League, or they can focus on a specific feature or play style, such as fans of drifting in Forza.

With a goal of serving as communities for like-minded gamers, anyone can join a Club, and from there it's easier to create parties to play with, post text and voice messages, share content like clips and screenshots, and make new friends.

LFG, on the other hand, functions a bit more like a message board, where gamers can make a post about looking for other players to help with a specific activity, like general competitive multiplayer, or to play a raid in Destiny. Users can specify requirements like skill level, how many players are needed, the game modes being played, and any other rules or guidelines being used.

Players can make a LFG post themselves when trying to put a group together, or they can just browse other posts based on a specific game to find an activity or group to help.

SOURCE Xbox Wire