Xbox One banned users can still keep purchased games

Craig Lloyd - Jun 17, 2013
Xbox One banned users can still keep purchased games

So many questions about the Xbox One have been asked over the past month or so since Microsoft unveiled the new console. Granted, they were pretty vague on a lot of concerns, and we received different answers from different reps on some questions. The latest question to go around is how will banned Xbox One users be dealt with?

Specifically, will banned Xbox One users lose access to the games that they’ve purchased and activated? Xbox Live chief Larry Hyrb says “absolutely not.” He continues by stating that “you will always have access to the games you purchased.” However, you simply just won’t have access to the Xbox Live multiplayer portion of the game.

Of course, this isn’t too surprising, as gamers should be able to at least play single-player campaigns on the games they own, rather than be blocked out of the entire game due to an Xbox Live ban. However, this is still great news to hear, as Microsoft has received some criticism for its “check in once every 24 hours” rule for internet connectivity with the new console.

The question was answered on video based on Reddit questions at E3 2013 last week, and Hyrb answered other questions as well during the video, such as what purposes the HDMI input can serve. Hyrb says that the HDMI-in allows users to plug in their cable set-top box, which will allow you watch TV on your Xbox One and immediately switch to a game, just like how Microsoft demoed at their initial unveiling.

One question that Hyrb has been excited to answer, but has been asked rarely is Microsoft’s new family pack for Xbox Live. However, Hyrb didn’t actually go into detail about it, which was quite ironic. We’ve heard about the new family pack in the past, but no one is still fully sure how it will work. Hopefully we’ll hear more details on that soon.

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SOURCE: Reddit

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