Microsoft’s Xbox Live to Offer Family Gold Pack

Evan Selleck - Jun 22, 2010
Microsoft’s Xbox Live to Offer Family Gold Pack

Whether or not you’re a fan of Xbox LIVE probably has a lot to do with whether or not you’re a paying subscriber, or what they call the “Silver” member. Right now, Microsoft has all sorts of different ways you can sign up for a Gold Membership: from month-to-month, a three-month package, or a yearly subscription. Either way you choose, you get more access to things like demos, and the ability to play online multiplayer on titles like Halo or Gears of War. Well, now Microsoft’s got a new option coming up: the Family Pack.

Today marks the announcement from Microsoft that there’s going to be a $100/year subscription back. The difference is, this one’s for four people, so basically that comes out to $25/year, per person. A pretty good deal, when you compare the upwards of $40/year cost for a “normal” Gold user. Other differences, is that the main account in this Gold Family Pack will be able to distribute Microsoft Points to the other accounts when they see fit, as well as monitor the gaming usage of each account.

The new Family Pack will become available this November, so just in time for those holiday shoppers. There’s still a few questions out there, like how many consoles you can have this Family Pack installed on, or if it has to be all on one console, just with multiple Xbox LIVE accounts on it. Hopefully that gets cleared up before the launch.

[via Gamerscoreblog]

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