Xbox One availability clarified: 2 million sold in first 18 days

Chris Burns - Dec 11, 2013
Xbox One availability clarified: 2 million sold in first 18 days

It’s time at last – at first – to see what Microsoft has been doing as far as sales on the Xbox One here right at launch. The company suggests that they’ve been busy, selling “more than 2 million units” since launch time 18 days ago. This creates what Microsoft suggests is a “record setting past for Xbox” in general at an average of 111,111 units sold per day.

While just a bit less useful a statistic as it is, Microsoft also suggests that users have spent a more than 83 million hours on their Xbox Ones thus far, his including gaming, TV, and apps on the unit. They’ve continued this week with reporting a whopping 39 million Xbox One achievements unlocked and a total Gamerscore – for all users – at 595 million (and growing).

“GameStop is experiencing high demand from our customers for this innovative console and we are working closely with Microsoft to receive more units to fulfil our customers’ holiday shopping lists.” – Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising at GameStop

Two retailers have spoken up on possible re-stocking in the immediate future, though we’re cautiously optimistic about the both of them.

“Demand for next generation gaming continues to be very strong. At peak demand, customers were ordering the Xbox One console at over 1,000 units per minute on” – John Love, director of video games at Amazon

The image of some fellows tossing Xbox units off a truck you’re seeing here comes from Major Nelson who also suggests calling your local retailers to check stock before you head out to said stores yourself to seek the Xbox One. This is especially pertinent in places like North Dakota where it’s been well below zero degrees fahrenheit more than once this season.


You may also want to check into sites like XboxOneLocator or NowInStock for more in-stock action – the only place we’re seeing at the moment is GameStop where an “exclusive” bundle where you’ll be rolling with the Xbox One Regular Edition Console, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, and an additional wireless controller. Of course you’ll be paying quite a bit more than retail in that case.

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