Xbox One August Update brings 3D Blu-ray and remote downloads

Chris Burns - Jul 18, 2014
Xbox One August Update brings 3D Blu-ray and remote downloads

If the one thing you were waiting for with the Xbox One before nabbing on was 3D Blu-ray support, you’re a strange duck. Support has come, nonetheless, and it’ll be rolling out this month. Along with this Blu-ray excellence, you’ll find a number of other oddities added to the Xbox One including “Last seen” friends list notes.

Your friends list will show how long it’s been since a friend of yours has been online. “Last seen 14 minutes ago: Killer Instinct” will appear if that’s the game you’re all about.

Low Battery notifications will now appear if you controller’s battery is low. No more dropping out in the middle of a game with no warning!

Mobile purchases are about to be made real along with Remote Downloads. Using Xbox SmartGlass as a mobile app or by accessing Xbox dot com you’ll be able to purchase games and add-on content, setting these purchases to automatic download from wherever you may roam.

NOTE: You will have to make sure your Xbox One is set to automatically take updates for this feature to work.

Notifications will be able to be turned off when you want. This was requested by people who often watch long videos that they do not want to be interrupted during. Your Activity feed will be updated with greater interaction between you and your friends, and your Friends area on Home will be brought to a more involved level as well.

This update will be coming within weeks – we’ll let you know when it drops precisely at @SlashGearGaming!

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