Xbox One and HBO Go, together at last

The days of gaming consoles fighting to get exclusive games is far from over, but it's no longer the only battleground for consumers to be making their decision on which to purchase. Now that we're in an era of endless streaming, gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One vie to be your only living room device (save for the TV). To that end, Microsoft has brought in a much needed boost for the Xbox One, as the console will now have native HBO Go.

Of course, the inclusion on Xbox One doesn't mean you'll get to enjoy HBO Go sans subscription. It does mean you can skirt the Xbox Live monthly bill, though.

It's also a unique time to roll the channel out. As PlayStation gets ready to do serious battle with PlayStation TV, it's clear both consoles rely as much (maybe more) on streaming media than games. It's also interesting because the PlayStation 4 has no HBO Go option, even though the Xbox 360 and One (now) both do.

Both consoles also have to content with the likes of streaming boxes and dongles from a variety of sources, all of which carry a much lower price point than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

There was no real reason given for the delay, but the Xbox One HBO Go app is slightly different from the Xbox 360 version, visually.

If you're ready to stream HBO content all night, download HBO Go for your Xbox One. And hey, if you don't have an Xbox One, they're still on discount — and might even have an actual game included in the bundle!

Source: Xbox Wire