Xbox One ships 10mil units, 3 months after Playstation 4

If you've been to an electronics retailer like Best Buy recently, you've probably seen a stack of Xbox One bundles peppered throughout the store. According to Microsoft, that's helped them boost sales of late. Xbox marketing chief Yusef Mehdi took to the Xbox blog today, noting Microsoft's game system has moved a massive quantity of units; nearly 10 million. At roughly $350, Xbox says they've been shipping more units than ever. This bodes well for them heading into the holiday rush, but Playstation has been there, done that.

Microsoft cleverly disguises shipments as sales in the blog post, saying they've "sold in to retailers more than 10 million Xbox One consoles". In a typical sell-in agreement, a retailer can also sell those items back (return them) to the OEM, putting their announcement in question later on.

Let's also not forget Playstation hit this milestone sometime around July of this year, so while it's a big deal, the Xbox One is still well behind the competition. At last reporting, Sony had shipped nearly 14 million units to retailers. Again, not sales, but indicative thereof.

Microsoft is also careful to note this $350 price reduction for the Xbox One is temporary, even though it's precisely their formula for success, now. Bundled with a game, the $350 price point positions Xbox at an appropriate price point — by their own admission, this is what consumers want. Microsoft just isn't willing to commit to it.

Microsoft also says they've outsold Playstation and the rest the past two weeks. If they have, it's on the back of AAA game titles, bundles, and a price reduction. If any one of those pillars crumbles, the One is likely back in second place.

Source: Microsoft