Xbox Live outage in the cloud: It's not just you

This afternoon Xbox services had a few outages and/or issues. This included what Microsoft marked as a "Major Outage" for items like "Account & Profile", "Store & Subscriptions", Multiplayer gaming, and Cloud gaming. Together those basically make up the biggest bits of the online space for Xbox players of multiplayer games – chances are you felt the impact of this set of issues.

Starting at approximately 2:15 PM central time on the 25th of February, 2021, Xbox "Account & Profile" had a reported outage. This "Major Outage" affected Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Cloud gaming, Android devices, Apple devices, web services, Xbox 360, and Xbox on Windows. As of 4:09 PM central time, Microsoft suggested that they were "close to resolving the issue."

At approximately the same set of times, "Store & subscriptions" were affected with a Major outage. This applied to the same set of devices, from Android to Xbox on Windows to all Xbox consoles and back again. Per Microsoft, "You may not be able to purchase games to own right now."

Starting at 2:15 PM central time, Matchmaking was reported as having a Major Outage on Xbox Live. This affected multiplayer gaming in a major way. This affected Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, cloud gaming, Android and Apple devices, Xbox on Windows, and Xbox 360.

Microsoft noted that "Cloud gaming" had issues starting at the same time as the sections listed above. This suggests that all of these outages are connected, and may be able to be resolved all at once. Cloud gaming, or "launching cloud games" in this case, had a major outage that applied to Android and Apple devices, Xbox One, and web services.

As of 4:11 PM, Microsoft suggested that they are "close to resolving the issue" with the lot of these outages, so cross your fingers it's nearly over!