Xbox live outage hits store, digital games, cloud gaming, downloads

In the afternoon of May 6, 2021, Microsoft had a few issues in play with Xbox games. They showed a "major outage" occurring in their "store & subscriptions" section of Xbox Status readouts, as well as "limited" issues with games & gaming as well as Cloud Gaming. Launching games will be limited until this is fixed, and you won't likely be able to purchase new games until Microsoft figures out what their deal is.

Cloud Gaming issues specifically lists "launching cloud games" as an issue this afternoon for Android Devices, Apple Devices, and "cloud gaming" in general. This outage was listed as reported at 12PM this afternoon and Microsoft was investigating as of 1:21PM.

For Games & Gaming, Microsoft showed the game Forza Horizon 4 as down and out (unavailable) for Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles. Microsoft suggested that you "may have problems launching games." Microsoft also showed an issue with "downloaded games." This issue was detailed with the phrase "you may have problems playing your digital games right now."

The biggest issues appeared in Store & Subscriptions. There, Microsoft listed Purchasing Games, Purchasing Game Pass games, Purchasing backward compatible games, Purchasing subscriptions, Purchasing accessories, Purchasing with a credit card, Purchasing with account balance, and more. They also listed Purchasing DLC or add-ons as having a "major outage" this afternoon, along with purchasing Game Pass and/or Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft also showed a major outage this afternoon with "Viewing games" (in the store) for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox on Windows. It would appear that every other sort of system is up and running. Downloading and installing games, pre-ordering content, and using codes or gift cards seems to be ready to roll.