Xbox Live is down too: probably not Destiny Beta’s fault

Chris Burns - Jul 17, 2014, 3:52pm CDT
Xbox Live is down too: probably not Destiny Beta’s fault

This early afternoon the PlayStation Network was knocked out by Destiny Beta traffic. Now in the later afternoon, Microsoft has notified the world that Xbox Live is down as well. As of 12:23:39 PM CST, Purchase and Content Usage was down for the count. As of 3:39:42 PM CST, Xbox Live Core Services were Limited.

According to Xbox Support, Xbox Live’s website is up and running, as is “Social and Gaming” as well as “TV, Music and Video.” Other “Limited” services include PBS for video and Twitch for game streaming.

At around 3:30 PM Central Time, Microsoft’s Xbox team made a note about Xbox Live sign-in, suggesting that they were working on it. They’d be “updating you again in half an hour” – we’ll let you know what they say. All other apps appear to be officially up and running as normal.

At this time we’ve seen several Beta players working with Destiny on Xbox One, but the full release is in one week from today. We cannot believe that Destiny’s minuscule burden on the Xbox Live servers today have had any significant effect on the connectivity and gameplay of others.

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