Xbox LIVE is down for everybody, not just you

For a little over an hour now here in the first half of the day on July 6th, 2012, Microsoft's Xbox LIVE network has been down and out. This problem appears at the moment to be regional, this meaning you very well could be accessing the network provided you're in the right city, but as it stands, quite a bit of the network is down completely for prospective users. Xbox Support member Khoa (aka KN) has let the Twitterverse know that they are "actively investigating" the cause for the downtime and are planning on having it back up soon.

This update has had masses of user responses from both hardcore users and the very comedically attached. Have a peek at the responses to this official update over at Xbox Support to see the devastation. Note also that Xbox Support has left this lovely little message for moral support for us all:

"We are aware of the issues some users are having with Xbox LIVE and are actively investigating. Thanks for your patience ^KN"

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