Xbox Live audio upgrade promises end to crackly voice

Microsoft are working to increase the voice quality for two-way communication for Xbox Live, with Xbox Live Studios chief Jerry Johnson telling Eurogamer that the original low bit-rate codec – picked to suit broadband connections back in 2002 – will soon be replaced with a higher quality alternative.  Originally, Johnson explained, Microsoft mandated that Live users needed 64k connections, and picked a codec to suit that minimum.

In the intervening eight years, however, broadband speeds have increased but the Xbox Live codec has stayed the same, resulting in some seriously crackly audio quality that even Johnson admits is "not what people think of when they talk about popular entertainment."  The update is due sometime this fall, and we can't help but think it would make sense for Microsoft to throw in some support for Windows Phone 7 remote gamers to chat too; after all, we already know console-to-phone gaming is on the cards.

[via Kotaku]