Wireless Xbox 360 to Windows Phone 7 gaming in "near future" confirms Microsoft [Video]

Microsoft's plans to integrate Windows Phone 7 devices with Xbox 360 consoles via their Xbox Live service have been well discussed, and the company has already confirmed that the smartphones will be able to play Xbox Live arcade games.  Now, according to Microsoft Canada Mobility Solutions Manager Greg Milligan, we know phone-to-console wireless gaming is also on the cards; he told RGBFilter that the functionality would arrive in the "near future".

Video interview after the cut

Meanwhile, together with Microsoft's plans for real-time gaming between smartphone and Xbox 360 users, there'll be considerable integration between mini-games available for the handsets and their full counterparts.  Playing those mini-games – which will be priced at between $1.99 and $2.99, according to Milligan – will supposedly unlock features and extra functionality on the console version.

Unfortunately Milligan was less forthcoming on the possibility of Xbox Live chat conversations being held between 360 owners and Windows Phone 7 users, saying Microsoft had "nothing to announce now".  Still, he's confirmed that, while Twitter was one of the features we most missed during our technical preview of WP7, the company is working with a number of third-party providers to get the short-messaging service on handsets close to launch.

[via wmpoweruser]