Xbox 720 "ultimate gaming console" focus would make Molyneux a "happy bunny"

This week the founder of both 22cans and Lionhead gaming companies suggested that he'll be excited to see how far the next-generation Xbox has come since he saw Microsoft's plans a year ago. Peter Molyneux made it clear that his hopes for the Microsoft-made console centered on gaming and that the company make what he called "the ultimate gaming console." The alternative, he said, was that the creators of the console would get distracted with living room entertainment abilities and technologies like Glass and touch.

Speaking with IGN about his future and past with the Xbox 720 – or whatever it ends up being called – Molyneux revealed that he'd been aware of the so-called "original plans" for this next-generation console. Saying he'll be "fascinated" by the evolution of the futuristic Xbox machine between then and now one way or the other, he made clear more than once that he'd be happy without any "Netflix... Facebook... Twittering" business.

"I just want the ultimate gamer's device. If they focus on that I'll be a happy bunny.

If they get distracted, and overly distracted, by trying to play catch-up with some of the Glass and touch technology that's out there, not because it makes sense for games but because that's something they feel they have to do, then I'm going to be miffed." – Peter Molyneux

The game Molyneux until recently was working on that'll see the Xbox 720's launch will be the newest in the Fable series, an MMO iteration of the epic story bringing an open landscape to the console in the next few years. Below you'll see a trailer for the game Fable III, a game launched several years ago for the Xbox 360. It's expected that the new Fable game will have significantly greater depth.

The team Molyneux works with now, 22cans, brought forth the game Curiosity – one which will be nearing it's "end" rather soon. Have a peek at the latest trailer for this game below and note that it's quite likely the game will transition to a new era right around the time the Microsoft event for the Xbox 720 will be happening – May 21st – catch SlashGear as we bring it to you right up to the second!