Xbox 360 Wireless N adapter appears - then yanked - from Costco site

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter has been spotted gracing the virtual shelves at Costco, and if their listing is correct it's set to go on sale come November 10th.  The adapter – which was initially tipped to be around $100 – was priced at $87.99 with free shipping; however the listing has since been taken down.

The accessory basically does exactly what it says on the box, which is add WiFi 802.11n support to the Xbox 360.  According to earlier rumors, the n-support adapter will go on sale alongside, rather than replacing, the existing WiFi b/g adapter, which at the time we presumed because it was expected to appeal to a smaller subset of users looking to stream high-definition video content.

That rumor, however, is yet to be confirmed.  Since the 802.11n adapter has been yanked from the Costco online store we won't count our chickens until they hatch, perhaps on the 10th.

[via Engadget]