Xbox 360 system update rolling out now

If you're an Xbox 360 gamer, you're familiar with updates that add new features and make changes to your game console. Microsoft has announced that a new Xbox system update is rolling out to gamers around the world starting today. The new update is mandatory and it's unclear exactly how large the update is at this time.

Major Nelson reports that any Xbox 360 owner who is already signed into LIVE will be forced to sign out to apply the update. The update reportedly corrects some issues with the Xbox 360 that some gamers have been suffering from. One of the issues addressed with the update is a problem some have seen with the display an incorrect playlist from Xbox SmartGlass.

The update will also address an error with Xbox Video closed-captioning. The final major issue that this mandatory update will address is a problem some users have had with Xbox Music. Users will have to accept the update and apply it to be able to get back online.

We've also had some other interesting Xbox 360 news this week. Yesterday we mentioned that the ship dates for Halo 4 map packs were leaked. The three map packs are called Crimson, Majestic, and Castle and will release on December 10, February 25, and April 1 respectively.

[via Major Nelson]