Xbox 360 slim takes top sales spot in June

About this time last month when the Xbox 360 redesign went official and grabbed the unofficial title Xbox 360 Slim, many of us knew that the redesigned console would sell well in the market. Sell well the thing did according got the latest numbers from NPD Group for the month of June.

The Xbox 360 slim was the biggest selling console for the month beating the Wii by about 29,200 units. If you count sales of portable consoles, the Nintendo DS came out on top.

NPD also says that console hardware sales overall jumped 35% in June 2010 compared to June of 2009. Another sign that the works of the bad economy is behind us. Software sales have dropped though and despite growth in hardware sales the gaming market overall declined compared to last year. The PS3 sold 304,800 units during the month, about 206,000 less than the Xbox 360.