Xbox 360 Slim gets torn down hardware geek style

Shane McGlaun - Jun 18, 2010
Xbox 360 Slim gets torn down hardware geek style

I already mentioned this morning that the new slim Xbox 360 game console had been torn down and modded. The real hard core geeks out there may have been left wanting after that basic teardown. If you are one of those craving more of a look inside the new Xbox 360, AnandTech has a much more hard core tear down.

AnandTech goes all the way to ripping out the motherboard of the new Xbox 360 and stripping its shiny new processor from under its cooling heat sink. One of the things that sticks out from the tear down is how much smaller the new HDD is than the HDD from the older Xbox 360.

The big change though is the fact that the CPU, GPU, and eDRAM have all been brought onto one die in the new machine. If you are inclined to rip into your own shiny new Xbox 360, the article also shows you how to open it up without breaking anything.

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