New Xbox 360 torn down and modded

Shane McGlaun - Jun 18, 2010
New Xbox 360 torn down and modded

The new Xbox 360 was unveiled officially during E3 this week on somewhere a geek has already modded it and torn the thing down for us to ogle. Does anyone else out there really want to call this thing the Xbox 360 Slim?

The mod is far from the most extensive we have seen done of a Xbox 360, but its notable for being the first we have laid eyes on and being completed only two days after the new console launched. The dude put in a lexan window and some blue LEDs.

The lights shine through the window and make the spinning game disc more viewable in the dark. The guy reports that the WiFi card plugs into a standard USB port inside and the optical drive is a Philips DG-16D4S.

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