Xbox 360 piracy bans prompt inevitable class action suit

Been subject to the recent Microsoft ban-fest on Xbox Live, where up to 1m accounts are believed to have been locked out after being modified to play pirate discs?  Livid and refusing to take responsibility?  Then lawfirm AbingtonIP may be your salvation; they're organising a class action lawsuit which alleges that Microsoft not only over-reacted and ended up blocking accounts where users weren't involved in piracy, but that they did so at least partially to boost Xbox Live re-subscriptions with the advent of MW2 and Halo 3: ODST.

"Microsoft has chosen to use one of the most indiscriminate 'weapons' in its arsenal in an effort to combat piracy — as a result, use of this 'weapon' has resulted in a great deal of collateral damage — many people were affected who had nothing to do with piracy" AbingtonIP

AbingtonIP are hoping to hear from Xbox 360 gamers who either didn't receive a pro-rated refund for their remaining subscription, or who have experienced hardware issues as a result of the ban.  They maintain Microsoft's actions were "convenient" in their timing; Microsoft are yet to comment.

[via Kotaku]