Xbox 360 Hulu integration rumored

Could Hulu and Microsoft be planning to announce integration of the former's streaming media service with the Xbox 360?  That's one interpretation of Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn's teasing Twitter message yesterday evening: "Just finished promos for hulu/microsoft event I'm doing on june 8!"

Microsoft have previously suggested that they were investigating Hulu connectivity on the Xbox 360, and the company has recently announced a deal with Sky Player in Europe.  Hulu could well be the US counterpart to that system.

Hulu have just announced a desktop client for accessing their media, courting frustrated complaints from users who'd like to see access to the service through more flexible platforms like Boxee.  If the Xbox 360 integration pans out, Hulu's reluctance to open up could be explained by some sort of exclusivity agreement with Microsoft.

[via Gizmodo]