Xbox 360 Faceplate For The Girly Gamers

Any chick gamer can tell you that we occasionally take a lot of crap from fellow gamers. This faceplate for the Xbox 360 is in direct response to that issue. It is the face plate for ever girl who's ever been asked 'Are you on your boyfriend's Xbox?'.

Honestly I'm not that impressed with the saying, because there are so many better things that could be put on the Xbox than "My girlfriend kicked my ass at Halo". They should consult with this girly and come up with a better response.

This faceplate is being sold on ebay currently for $24.99. Although I'm not a huge fan of this faceplate the same person that made this one made several other really cool ones.

Two Custom Halo 3-Themed Xbox 360 Faceplates for Sale on eBay [via hawtymcbloggy]