Xbox 360 dashboard revamp rolls out to beta testers

Microsoft began rolling out its new Xbox 360 dashboard preview to beta testers today. The company started accepting beta testers last month for the dashboard preview, which is expected to bring several new features and an overall face lift. The new look will be reminiscent of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Metro UI and Live Tiles interface.

The new Xbox 360 dashboard will bring more integrated Kinect voice and gesture controls, Facebook storage, cloud storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profiles, as well as a new social broadcasting feature called Beacons. YouTube and Bing will be included with Bing users being able to search for movies, music, and other content on their consoles using Kinect's voice recognition.

Microsoft will also be introducing an app market for the Xbox 360 and allow for future integration of Windows Phones. Several new Xbox LIVE TV services will also be added with the update, including Bravo, Comcast, HBO GO, and Syfy. According to a leak, the dashboard is expected to launch on November 15.

[via WinRumors]