Xbox 360 controller Hot Pocket Dispenser revealed

A true inventor of great objects can be found in Ben Heck, a man whose modding career spans a bit over a decade and whose latest masterpiece is an Xbox 360 controller-mounted Hot Pocket dispenser. As I'm sure you'll agree, the top comment on the how-to video for this object rings very, very true: "Wow, Laziness has sank to a new low." But heed this: so much work went into this piece of brilliance that there's no way on earth anyone could call this man lazy once they see him in action.

Certainly it does seem like a bit of madness to attach to your gaming controller a Hot Pocket, the choice food of super slobs and refined gamer ladies and gentlemen everywhere. But when you see this guy actually use the whole setup, it actually seems sort of convenient. On the other hand again, should I ever see anyone I know using one of these, I will personally slap them in the back of the head when they're taking their first bite.

Watch as Ben Heck takes on this task with masses of plastic and a construction period that can only be described as insane. This fellow makes his living making such objects, you should know, so who are you to call him crazy? Truly Ben Heck is a king of the couch amongst men. Truly there's been no greater definition for this gamer culture than this.

[via Laughing Squid]