Xbox 360 branded harddrive a maniacal deal

And what are those Star Wars characters doing there in the picture? Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen – the cost and the characters have to do with one another, but they certainly don't seem to be equalling out. First, you may have seen this harddrive before – the same device comes in packs with Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3, amongst others. Those of you who want to get the harddrive by itself will have to pay a penny that's much more pretty than you could have ever imagined: $130 USD. Not quite the droids we were looking for.

So wait, you could get this Xbox branded harddrive with 320GB for $130 USD OR you could head to Target and get a lovely looking Seagate 320GB harddrive for less than half that price at $60. What's the big deal here, Microsoft gaming devision, are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes? No way, man, of course not, there's something in there that'll blow your socks off, that's why the HD costs so much!

What is it? Do tell!

It's Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, of course!

A couple things to consider here: this game costs $20 USD on its own here in the USA, and the game is not available with the harddrive in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the UAE. So those countries are out the $20 USD value, and the rest of us get a great deal! Wait a second... math. Think this one through, ladies and gentlemen.