Xbox 360 4GB Arcade Bundle gets premature Amazon page

Chris Davies - Jul 14, 2010
Xbox 360 4GB Arcade Bundle gets premature Amazon page

Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle have been tipped, thanks to a prematurely posted Amazon Germany listing.  The product page seemingly confirms a 4GB bundle, together with a €148.99 ($190) price tag, though has since been updated to remove any mention of cost or release date.  Still, thanks to VG247‘s speedy fingers, we know the retailer expects the new bundle to ship on August 20th 2010.

Unfortunately, there’s no other detail on what exactly the bundle will include.  It’s assumed that this is the new, slimline Xbox 360 recently announced, and the 4GB of storage – in contrast to the 250GB hard-drive of the current model – is more than likely flash storage in some form (either internally mounted or supplied as a 4GB memory key pre-formated to suit the Xbox 360’s storage requirements).

Joystiq point out that an August 20th release would put the new Arcade bundle’s release right in the midst of Gamescon 2010, though of course there’s no confirmation from Microsoft themselves as to its accuracy.

[via Joystiq]

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