X-mini Max II stereo speaker system gets Rolly inspiration

Hot on the heels of yesterday's X-mini Happy, the expanding capsule-speaker PMP, comes X-mini's next speaker system.  This time it looks as though the Sony Rolly has been quite an inspiration, as the X-mini Max II gets a plumper body, conical heads and dual speaker cones.

The Max II splits along the center-line to allow you to spread the stereo speakers out.  The join is secured by a magnet, and each has an angled speaker cone which X-mini claim will "open out" the sound.  Compared to the first-gen X-mini Max, the new Max II will apparently have "nearly double" the sonic abilities; you'll also be able to daisy-chain multiple units, using the "buddy jack".

What you no longer get is an on-device volume dial, with the (pretty safe) assumption being that whatever is providing the music will have its own control.  The X-mini Max II will weigh 170g and have a total output of 2.5W, with the battery taking 2.5hrs to charge and providing up to 12hrs of use.  Best of all, the pricing when the Max II launches in May should be similar to the existing Max, at around $48.

[Thanks Yutaka!]