X-Men: Days of Future Past clip details mutant deaths

This week a litany of clips are being shared by those responsible for pumping up the May release of X-men: Days of Future Past. The most major of these is a clip of a scene from the film, one in which we understand why Professor X is able to walk after his injury at the end of X-Men: First Class, and who has died around thereabouts or between then and the present.

The reason you see Professor X in a wheelchair in the Marvel Comics universe is complicated. Though there is more than one backstory, the result is that Xavier is in a wheelchair, his legs completely barred from use.

In the Marvel Comics universe, Xavier gains the use of his legs back more than once. Time after time he's given use of his legs – usually temporarily – and always in an epic event the likes of which never return. Here in the Marvel Comics X-Men-specific movie universe, Xavier is using a medically-applied solution which douses his mutant abilities.

For the use of this legs, he's sacrificed his ability to keep his telepathic abilities – and it would seem also, his ability to keep his mutant associates safe from harm.

Magneto also speaks of a number of mutants who have (obviously) been lost. Clues here lead to the idea of multiple universes in this movie – a part of how and why Wolverine is allowed to ... time travel.

• Angel Salvadore (Tempest)

• Azazel (Azazel)

• Emma Frost (White Queen)

• Banshee (Sean Cassidy)

Each of these characters appeared in X-Men: First Class. We can assume that if they didn't die there, they'll have died since.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will appear in theaters on May 23rd, 2014. Below you'll see an additional clip released the week thanks to Norton – strangely enough. There you'll see Wolverine meet Beast for the first time.

Next, another clip with a similar sponsorship comes with the title "Time to Make a Choice." Not a whole lot of new bits and pieces are revealed here – it's mostly about the hype.

Finally you'll see the clip "We're in This Together." Here you'll find that the X-Men come together to change the future – surprise! One big surprise – and possible spoiler – is spoken by Ellen Page, aka Kitty Pryde. Below this video you'll see it – do not read if you do not want to be spoiled.

Spoiler alert – the final wave of Sentinels may not be entirely robotic. As suggested by Ellen Page, these final beasts are Mutant / Machine hybrids. That's one massive bit of information to be spilling on accident.