Wyze Cam and Cam Pan security cameras get Alexa support

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 19, 2018, 2:36pm CDT
Wyze Cam and Cam Pan security cameras get Alexa support

Wyze, the company that offers inexpensive home security cameras, has announced new Alexa support for its Cam and Cam Pan models. The support went live for users earlier this week, enabling them to control their Wyze security cameras via voice. As with other similarly supported security cameras, Wyze users will need to have an Alexa device featuring a screen, such as a Fire TV or Echo Show.

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The Wyze security cameras are notable for their excellent functionality and very low price tags. The Wyze Cam is a cube-shaped camera now in its second generation; the Wyze Cam Pan is newer and features a rotating base on a rectangular camera body. Both are available now with support for Android and iOS.

After updating to the latest camera firmware, which is performed using the camera’s mobile app, the device will support Amazon Alexa. Users will also need to install the Alexa app on their phone, then enable the skill for “Wyze.” Alexa will need to be authorized for use with the cameras, after which point any Alexa gadget with a display can be used to access the camera feeds.

Amazon currently has two of its own Echo devices with displays, the Echo Show and Echo Spot. Alternatively, the cameras can be used with a Fire TV Stick or other Fire TV device that has a voice control remote (the kind with a microphone in the top). Saying something like, “Alexa, show my [Camera’s Name]” will pull up the video feed for that camera.

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