WWDC 2011 tickets sold out

WWDC 2011 looks unlikely to bring any new Apple hardware to the table, but that hasn't stopped loyal iOS and OS X developers from flocking to the annual coding bash. Tickets to the conference have already sold out, and in fact did so less than 12 hours after going on sale (and despite being $1,599 apiece).

The allure is the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Cupertino mothership, with a week of coding workshops, access to Apple engineers and the opportunity to bump ideas up against other Apple developers. There's also the Apple Design Awards, which every year rewards the best in iOS and Mac apps.

For the rest of us, meanwhile, there'll be the usual WWDC opening keynote, with Apple promising a preview of what's coming next in iOS and OS X. That likely means iOS 5.0 and OS X Lion, and you can bet SlashGear will be there to cover all the juicy details.