WWDC 2008 – Less than an hour to go

Chris Davies - Jun 9, 2008

The Apple store is down, the rumor mill has reached a point of crazed teeth-grinding and iPhone Buzz is registered and ready to cover the Steve Jobs keynote opening WWDC 2008.  Remember, when the show kicks off at 10AM San Francisco time we’ll be live blogging the whole event at http://live.iphonebuzz.com, but the chat has started early with Vincent showing off what gifts Apple is showering on bloggers and journalists. 

WWDC 2008

Also on iPhone Buzz there’s a run-down of the latest speculation, intrigue and rumor surrounding what magic Apple might announce.  iChat is perhaps the key software title people are hoping for, correcting the absence of IM on the iPhone that still doesn’t make sense to most users, while there are new photos purporting to be the 3G iPhone itself.

WWDC 2008

You never know, we might not see an iPhone at all today.  Apple have only confirmed that the keynote will include details of OS X development, and they might stick resolutely – and frustratingly – to their guns this morning.  But the consensus is that something shiny and cellular will grace the live blog, so stay with us – http://live.iphonebuzz.com – to see if it’s everything we hope it will be.

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