Wundershine blends print and digital for odd photo frame

Achim Runnebaum - Feb 5, 2015, 3:25pm CST
Wundershine blends print and digital for odd photo frame

Remember Digital Picture Frames? Maybe you even have one at home or at the office. While certainly interesting gadgets, the no. 1 Problem with them is the battery, or having ugly cables running all along the walls. What about regular picture frames? It is a big hassle to change the pictures, right? Well, that is about to change thanks to an innovative company in the Netherlands, called Wundershine. They believed they could come up with a better solution to both of those problems. The results of the research is called the Makerframe.

Although Not available until the Fall, this innovative Frame will be able to print your images with a built-in inkless thermal printer and swap them out using a built-in framing mechanism. The system consists of 3 parts: The Picture Frame itself, a mobile App, and some colourful storage boxes for storing your prints.

According to the makers:

“The Wundershine System makes it very easy to keep your home decorated with fresh pictures in stylish frames. Use the App to frame a new image in seconds”


The system seems to be quite easy to use. You insert the special paper via a feeding mechanism at the top of the frame (much like inserting a CD), select the next picture to be displayed in your queue via the app, and send the picture to the frame. It is then printed and the previous picture is ejected at the bottom for archiving. Since the printer uses thermal colour printing technology, you never need ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner.

The system will be available around Fall this year (2015), but you can head over to the Wundershine Site to pre-order, or to purchase the Makerframe’s “little” brother; the Reframe. It has the same technology, but without the built-in printer.

SOURCE Wundershine

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