WowWee’s Femisapien & Tri-Bot robots go on sale

Chris Davies - Aug 21, 2008

Anybody waiting anxiously for the latest robots from WowWee’s stables should grab their credit cards and begin whistling with glee, as both the Femisapien (aka Sega’s Kissing Robot) and Tri-Bot models are now available to buy.  Femisapien, you may remember, is the first “female” ‘bot from WowWee, with a clever new programming system in which you merely have to reposition the robot’s limbs in order to teach her new routines.

Tri-Bot, meanwhile, eschews legs and uses a three-wheeled, omni-directional base that has already got ‘bot tinkerers salivating.  It uses a tilt-sensor remote control, similar in concept to the Nintendo Wiimote, to guide Tri-Bot around obstacles and/or directly into walls, depending on what you find funny.

Femisapien is available from WowWee’s online store, Amazon and Target, priced at around $99.99. Tri-Bot is also available from the WowWee online store, Amazon and Target, again priced at around $99.99.

Thanks Robert!

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