WowWee RoboReptile gets lifelike makeover

WowWee's RoboReptile design is all well and good if you like, well, robotic reptiles, but what if you long for a real lizard?  Turning the WowWee robot into a more realistic animal was the challenge taken on over at RoboCommunity, and the re-dressed results look pretty impressive.Video after the cut

Among the changes are a new body skin, sewn from reptile-print fabric, and a redesigned head that has fake teeth, a painted mouth and new silicone nose.  Meanwhile several plastic leaves from fake houseplants were used for the spines running down the neck and tail. 

Chompy, as this particular RoboReptile is called, now looks far more lifelike and still has all his limb-flexibility and movement.  Now all they need to do is make him breathe fire.