WowWee Joebot gets unboxed, video demo

Fancy a sneak preview of what Christmas morning might be like for various tweenage kids expecting a new WowWee robot this holiday season?  RoboCommunity's appropriately-named Rudolph has picked up the company's second new 'bot, the Joebot, and has shared an unboxing photoset together with some hands-on feedback.Video demo after the cut

As you'd expect from a modern toy, there are plenty of wire-ties keeping everything in place; no screws, though, so we'd recommend snipping those ties before an over-eager child accidentally garrottes Joebot in their haste to extract him.  The bipedal walking robot supports various LED facial expressions and, in addition to having a joystick built into his hands, responds to voice commands.

Rudolph reckons that voice-control makes things a lot more straightforward than the original Robosapien's somewhat confusing button-encrusted remote, which hopefully adds up to a toy with more longevity.  As for the company's first new 'bot of the season, that's the RoboRover; more details here.