Worry-free peace and quiet

Technology has changed the way we do even the simplest of tasks, so why wouldn't it change the way we take care of our children? For the past twenty years baby monitors have been pretty much the same. Now in a day where we have monitors in our minivans to see the kids in the back it would be logical to take the next step and have cameras for while the baby is sleeping. I know some would think that this is paranoid; however, most of us have more to do than look in on our newborn every two and a half seconds and risk waking them. Not only that, but when they hit two years old and get their big kid bed they really enjoy sneaking out during naptime to play.

You can get anywhere from a stationary monitor to a little handheld to keep with you while you are doing your housework. Some even come with a second camera if you have more than one small child. These monitors do not come cheap though, they range from $180 to $230. It seems a small price to pay for some worry-free peace and quiet.

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