Worms for iPhone screenshots released [Video]

There may have been a billion downloads from the Apple App Store, but who knows how many of those titles were then uninstalled amid grunts of disappointment.  That's not the grunt we'd expect to hear for Team17's upcoming Worms for the iPhone and iPod touch, seen here in some exclusive screenshots from Pocket Gamer.Update: Demo video after the cut

Just like the classic version of Worms first released in 1995, the iPhone title uses a 2D environment in which the idea is to destroy your opponent's team of militant worms.  Players take it in turns to launch various weapons, including exploding sheep, with the winner of each round either the first to wipe their rivals out, or the person with the most health points left when the time runs out. 

On the iPhone and iPod touch, the touchscreen is used for aiming and scrolling, with pinch-zooming seemingly supported for navigation around the 2D game area.  We're hoping there are both local and remote two-player modes, where you can either play against friends by passing the iPhone between you, or over an internet connection.

No word on release date, but the guess is that Worms for iPhone and iPod touch is relatively imminent based on the state of these screenshots.

[via Electricpig; thanks Steve for the video tip]