Worms Battlegrounds coming to both PS4 and Xbox One

Chris Burns - Feb 10, 2014
Worms Battlegrounds coming to both PS4 and Xbox One

While we’re still not entirely solid on how – or if it makes a difference how – the game will be published through the PlayStation 4, we have been made aware that Worms Battlegrounds will be amongst the first self-published games on the Xbox One. This publishing will be done through Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program and the game will be released sometime inside 2014. The same is true for the PlayStation 4 version of this Worms title, both titles coming from the developers at Team 17.

This Worms title will be joined in the ID@Xbox party by Nutjitsu, another titles that’ll be amongst the first “self-published” to the Xbox One with Microsoft’s program. The title Nutjitsu will be developed by the crew known as NinjaBee and it too does not yet have a release date – it does not appear as though Nutjitsu will be coming to the PlayStation 4, but there’s always tomorrow!

First you’re going to see a demonstration reel of what Nutjitsu is all about. Sort of like a next-generation version of Pacman, as it were. Make sure you grab all the nuts and avoid the guards. This game is also available on Windows 8 right this minute through the Windows Store.

Next you’ll see the original trailer for the Xbox title “Worms Collection” as released back in 2012. It was back then that the team released this collection of titles in ported iterations for the Xbox 360. You’ll be seeing one massive amount of graphics and gameplay improvement between then and the near future with the next Worms title – we suspect.

Both of these releases will be made through their respective online stores inside the consoles – digital versions, that is, digital downloads rather than physical copies. It’s highly unlikely physical disks will be created for these titles due to their relatively low prospective requirements. We’ll hopefully see them out soon!


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