World of Warcraft: Cataclysm 10-Day Free Trial Released

So you're on the fence on deciding weather you'd like to upgrade your World of Warcraft to the Cataclysm with the giant dragon and the fire and the crazy wild awesomeness? Perhaps you'd like to give it a whirl for about 10 days while you think about if you'd like to have it forever? Now you can do just that. Today and Blizzard give you a completely free 10 day trial period (similar to some other older games they've still got lying around) during which you can play the game in its fullness. After that, probably you'll be so WoWed that you'll need to Cataclysm your WoW to stay WoWed enough to WoW forever.

Now, this is an awesome tactic. This sort of deal was offered on the original base setup of World of Warcraft and there's definitely demo versions of basically every Blizzard game out there, including the greatest series of all time Diablo (don't deny it mang.) This new expansion for WoW isn't hurting for sales, breaking records by selling 3.3 million copies in 24 hours, but I'm sure a little demonstration action wont hurt to give that another boost.

Check the full trial out over [here] and don't be shy, tell everyone how you like it (or, if it's the worst thing since the amount of time you've had to wait for Diablo III, say that too.)

[Via Blizzard Entertainment]