Working iPhone 6 clone runs modded Android KitKat

What do you do if you've got an iPhone 6 clone and some spare smartphone parts? You make a clone! We've seen our share of iPhone 6 dummy units, but now we're getting a look at a video showing what an iPhone 6 just might look like with an actual working screen.

The video was made by a Chinese tech blog, and is nowhere near the svelte offering we're likely getting from Apple. A bulging camera and rough-cut Apple logo are telltale signs this one is built in a garage somewhere. Dubbed the Wico i6, the device reportedly has a 960 x 1,704 resolution, and a — wait for it — 4.7-inch screen.

It's also got a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, and a forked version of Android KitKat, made to look like iOS. We're not certain if it's for sale yet, but expect the Asian market to be flooded with iPhone 6 knockoffs ahead of, during, and after the official release.

This might be based on the iPhone 6 schematics we've seen, and even made using parts Apple has rejected, but it's no iPhone. Fun to see just how iOS will look working in-hand, though, so we thank them for the video. And hey, when was the last time you saw a tech video set to music by The Carpenters, right?

Thanks, Dean!