iPhone 6 clones appear way ahead of actual device

Of course, iPhone clones are almost a fact of life by now, no matter how much authorities try to crack down on them. That said, it is quite amusing, if not ridiculous, that an iPhone 6 clone would start getting distributed around the Chinese market, when the iPhone 6 itself is months away from being revealed. Talk about efficiency!

To some extent, it isn't exactly that surprising considering how much the iPhone 6 has been leaked and talked about the past months. With claimed official dimensions of the device out in the open and with the previews of iOS 8 already in some people's hands, it was only a matter of time before enterprising individuals try to take those details and mold them into something almost convincing. They even have the large 5.5-inch model available.

To untrained eyes, which is exactly the type of unsuspecting customers that these so-called manufacturers try to target, there would be very few telltale signs of imitation. Especially when it comes to the software, which one can barely tell apart from the real thing. That is until you dive into the apps themselves, then you are rudely awakened with the realization that this is nothing that Apple would allow itself to sell.

Of course, the body of the clones themselves do betray subtle hints that this is no Apple masterpiece. A bulging rear camera, no Touch ID sensor, lack of attention to minute details, and overall build quality would tell you immediately how different these are from the real thing.

But there is one more thing that will make the real iPhone 6 devices stand apart. If the rumors are true, then Apple's smartphones, both the 4.7 and 5.5 inch versions, will sport sapphire crystal displays, making them almost impervious to any sort of damage. Considering the costs involved in this material, this is definitely something no knockoff maker will be able to copy.

VIA: Nowhereelse.fr